About Us

Our story

A new kind of consumer business has emerged in our lifetime - enterprises based on digital networks. E-commerce. Cell phones. GPS. ATMs. Satellite entertainment. Point-of-sale devices. More and more economic and social activity is shifting to these info grids. We invent business systems that sit on top of these networks. We identify unusual problems, study consumer behavior, apply emerging technologies, and build unique solutions. Together with our partners, we turn new ideas into opportunities.



We create and operate pioneering companies.



We develop websites into vibrant online destinations and businesses.



We are in the business of developing online real estate and brands, owns and operates a portfolio comprising a media network of businesses and communities representing some of the most important online categories.



By working with proven and experienced operating teams and partners, and featuring the best products, customer experience, and service, we develop businesses that people are passionate about.

Yody couldn't function without the tremendous contributions from our dozens of other team members; they include programmers, editors, writers, administrators, researchers, designers and photographers.